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Mano Le Tough’s ‘Changing Days’ LP on Permanent Vacation: rich meditative electronica

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Mano Le Tough
Folkal house: an invented genre that Mano Le Tough uses to describe his music. Genre names already in existence just don’t quite fit the Irish producer’s sound. His newly released Changing Days LP extends further than mere tracks for the dancefloor. It’s 11 chapters of rich electronica that swallow the listener into a depth of hypnosis.

“I guess I try and make music that has an emotional resonance without being overly sentimental or schmalzy. It means a lot to me to try and connect with the listener on a deeper level and add something to their lives that’s more than a hands in the air 5am moment in a club (although there is nothing wrong with that)” Mano Le Tough, real name Niall Mannion, explains.

Changing Days is almost meditative. The way Mano Le Tough repeats and extends musical phrases makes each track its own mantra of sorts.

The album begins with the downtempo “Cannibalize”, which guides you through vocals reminiscent of an indie dance track and industrial metallic sounding percussion. It’s the first testament on the LP to Mano’s vocal capabilities, which are prevalent all through.

“Dreaming Youth” is a track for a desert sunrise. It’s easy to get lost in the bells and gentle vocals. “A Thing From Above”, the only undisguised club song on the entire album, can be considered its peak with one of the most noteworthy and impressive drops at three minutes.

“Nothing Good” starts a soothing come down in the album, which ends with “The Sea Inside”, an uplifting close incorporating peaceful sounds of the ocean.

Mano Le Tough’s Changing Days boasts a sophisticated sound separate from the masses of identical tunes being churned out within the scene. It’s obvious his forward-thinking approach to music will continue to yield a very deserving international recognition.



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