Jimpster to Release ‘Porchlight and Rockingchairs’ LP on Freerange

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UK imprint Freerange Records is set to release label-head Jimpster’s next album, Porchlight and Rockingchairs. Jimpster (Jamie Odell) has been making music for two decades now, but the upcoming album will be his first long-player since 2006 (Armour). Interestingly, Odell, says the new LP will be an extension of a sound he began exploring when he produced his last album- chunky deep house with a fine attention to detail and musicality.

Jimpster_Album_PackshotAccording to the press release, the inspiration to create the album came from “countless hours spent in an airport departure lounge between gigs and feeling the effects of yet another hangover”. They add that this approach to album production led to, “lo-slung, emotive, deep shit with enough groove to get into, but also just the right amount of warmth and soul to keep spirits lifted in those tiring, often solitary hours”.

The UK veteran and his deep house impint are set to share the album with the world on May 20. Stay tuned to mybeatFix for an album review as we near the release date.


1. Jasmine Dragon
2. Dance Of The Pharoes
3. Hold My Hand
4. Brought To Bare ft. Jonatan Bäckelie
5. High Wire
6. Rollergirl
7. Wanting You
8. Porchlight and Rockingchairs
9. Cracks In The Pavement
10. Towards The Seer
11. The Glowing Embers
12. These Times ft. Jinadu (LP Version)



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