Interview: Garnica talks about his debut album, music industry, influences, and what’s next

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Rafael Garnica is no stranger to the electronic music scene. Since the early 90s, Garnica has been championing his distinct top 10 online casinos sound through his experiences, such as touring with South American bands in the 90s, running his own radio show, DJing, producing, and playing drums for the hotly tipped band “Pulshar” on Desolat.

All of this led to the creation of his debut album, Fool Again, a melodic and easy listening album full of ballads and familiar samples that remind us of an earlier time when life wasn’t so complicated. In Fool Again, Garnica accomplishes a self-realized balance between nostalgic pop samples and modern synthesizers supporting an underground sound. The album is set to release March 26.

We sat down with Garnica to break down the creation of Fool Again, get his thoughts on the current music industry, and see what’s next in store for him.

Check out a teaser video for the album below.

The album is titled, Fool Again. What does it mean?
I think we become fools when we start to do something new or when we are back on track. It’s like when you are in love with someone or something. That happened to me when I began to work on this album. There was a gap in my work before, so I decided to produce again and get back my love for music.

What instruments/hardware/software/equipment/samples etc. were used in the making of Fool Again?
The concept of the sound behind Fool Again is sampling. I sampled a lot, for about 6 months. After listening and listening to these samples, I worked on Ableton all the ideas I had, normally starting with some beats (727, 808 & 909 sounds), bass lines from Arturia and different synths. Final mixing was done on Logic. I use native plugins because they have really good quality and they give me a proper sound.

I listen to all types of music so I can say Stan Getz, Bony M, Earth Wind & Fire, Depeche Mode, Cerati, The Cure, Frank Ocean, The Beatles and the list goes on and on.

I think music industry is changing for the good of consumer needs, however this doesn’t mean it’s equal for both parts (artists & listeners). We as society have to recognize all the effort artists make to develop a career, all the costs a production carries, and support/pay for what we like.

In the other hand, quality sound: it seems MP3 is making us forget about analog sources like vinyl or tapes. If streaming services are the future I hope these companies work on a better way to deliver quality sound of music to listeners around the globe. It is true electronic music is now part of mainstream. I want to think companies like SFX play a fair game within the electronic scene.

At the moment we’re focused on put my music everywhere and get the most of it by people’s feedback. The first single “Love Someone” will be presented with a really nice Video and will be the beginning of this adventure. Touring is being arranged for summer/autumn this year. Meanwhile, I’m sampling again.

Artistic designer Alex Trochut, who has worked for bands like Arcade Fire and The Rolling Stones, designed the artwork of the album. The process for the design was extraordinary and was conceived in an artistic way, starting with drops of water falling in different colors and resulting in a pop art design and very unique typography..

Garnica – “Fool Again”

 (Galaktika Records) GLKLP03

1.No Regrets

2.Love Someone

3.Put Your Hands

4.Fear Test


6.I Don’t Care About Winning, I Care About Playing



9.Oh Korea Featuring Paulo Orlarte



Garnica – Fool Again will be released 26th March 2013 through Beatport, iTunes and all other good download sites as well Physical CD.



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