Local Love: FreedomB in Berlin

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Once again we’ve reached across the Atlantic to bring you another local talent who’s bringing a sound we felt we needed to share. FreedomB, or Alberto uk casino games online Arranz, comes to us from the breeding ground of some of our favorite artists ever, Berlin, Germany.

Alberto began his career years ago in his hometown, Madrid. Originally influence by 80s disco and later on by 90s Chicago-house, he carefully molded his own sound until, in 2010, he won the Fanta Robertus Contest– an international scholarship for the arts– and was invited to play in San Francisco. Upon his return he took up an important residency as FreedomB at Madrid’s famous, Session Up club.

wakeful berlinAfter a year at Session Up and practicing his production skills, he was signed to Monza Ibiza Records and in January of 2012 made his move to Berlin. The city’s melting pot of artists, sounds and culture immediately began influencing Albert’s music and soon he was invited to reside at Golden Gate with the monthly Sunday party, Wakeful– which is how we were introduced.

After digging a little more into the Wakeful brand, I ran into FreedomB on Soundcloud and instantly thought “Local Love”. I reached out and Alberto was more than happy to provide the latest installment in our international local artists series. Below you can listen and download his mybeatFix exclusive mix and read our interview to find out a little more about the artist.


Clubs you’ve played in: Fabrik (Madrid), Tresor (Berlin), Golden Gate (Berlin), two clubs in San Francisco who’s names I can’t recall. In February I’ll be at The Egg (London) and many more gigs in different parts of my country.


Club: I am very fond of Golden Gate here in Berlin. It is the club which allowed me to start DJing as a resident and gave me my monthly session, Wakeful– one Sunday a month with my great friend, Bruno Otranto.

egg london

Circus at Egg, London

Food: I love to eat, but honestly now that I am in Germany I really miss Spanish food. I’m very proud of the rich history of Spanish cuisine and we appreciate this a lot.


Dance or “DJs don’t dance”? As a friend and, in my opinion, one of the best DJs in Spain once said, “the DJ who does not dance is untrustworthy”. So true!! (editor’s note: I second that.)
Big gigs or small gigs? I come from the clubs and I think that the feeling and atmosphere that’s given off at a club is impossible to recreate at a festival, but there are also festivals that have a special vibe. I would say that I like clubs in the winter and festivals in the summer.


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