Interview: Mauro Picotto talks industry changes, Alchemy Music Festival and 2013

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In our era today, where DJs come a dime-a-dozen and sound trends are changing quicker than I can change my underwear, we sometimes seem to forget that some guys have been doing this (in this case) for longer than I’ve been alive. Mauro Picotto is from a time where aspiring disk-jockeys had to master their craft, and your body of work spoke louder than a “hit” you made reaching the (then non-existent) Beatport charts.

318110_478197192247732_1139055600_nThe selector hitting the decks at Grand Central today is a veteran in this game– the Tim Duncan of techno. Like Duncan’s NBA accolades, Picotto comes with his own musical credentials– DMC competitions in the 80s, hundreds of productions, record labels, club nights and even a festival. And, with some help from some great friends at Backyard Monsters and Un_Mute (who will host the techno-banger tonight), we got a chance to ask Mr. Picotto a few questions.

Below you can read our exchange with tonight’s guest, as well as listen to his performance last year at Tokyo’s famous waterfront venue, AgeHa. Pre-sales are still available on Backyard Monster’s Wantickets page– they come recommended  because between Mauro and the spectacular locals supporting– ALX, Hilary Warner and Renato Lopez– the door figures to be slammed tonight.

1. I’ve got to ask– I visited you’re Facebook fan-page and read “from heart to techno”. Can you elaborate on this quote for the fans reading?

Mauro: It’s my way to describe my DJ set– “from Heart to Techno”, that means, from my deepest feeling of emotional, groovy music to the most pure techno.

2. You’ve been DJing for over 20 years now. What changes have you observed in the industry? And what can you say about those changes as far as being a DJ and producer goes?

In the industry we’ve seen music go from CD and vinyl to download, but in my opinion, the quality of many of the productions these days are poorer and there are tons of releases– too much quantity with not enough quality arrangments. DJs have to listen to thousands of tracks to choose the few good new tracks in the middle of the many new release everyday. DJing is much easier these days with reference to mixing, but the experience of 20 years is something a CD player, or a laptop cannot help you with.

3. I’ve got to admit, considering your long, illustrious career– while I have enjoyed your talent in the studio– I have yet to hear you play. What can the people in attendance at Backyard Monsters and myself expect?

With a good sound system you will experience a great musical journey with me.

4. A little over a year ago you began a new venture in music, Alchemy Music Festival, in your hometown. How did this idea, opportunity and execution come about?

Was a great idea and easy, because it was in my little hometown with not too much stress. But as it was open air and out in the country in the second year we had  a few problems which come from working in the countryside. This year we will therefor move the party to the city.

5. For the fans reading, what can we expect from you for the rest of 2013?

During the last year I’ve been working on lots of new unreleased tracks to make my set 100% exclusive. I will start to release just a few new bombs during this summer. About the rest, you have to come to my party and listen live to my set ;-) All the best and fuck the rest, ciao –Mauro.



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