Interview: Martinez talks joining Cocoon, the Swedish underground and preparing vinyl

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62142_479416492125802_1422896647_nIt’s been quite some time since we got the chance to catch up with Swedish DJ and producer, Martinez. Last time, he was preparing to play at Treehouse and we (still fresh to his music) were eager to learn more about his sound and style. However, a little more than a year later, the city may be the same, but the party, venue. hosts and (apparently) the format of playing has changed.

This Sunday, Martinez will be next on the growing list of international talent to throw down at one of Miami’s newest, influential parties– Backyard Monsters. After months of great parties at Villa, the Backyard team has moved down the street to a sleeker and more sophisticated venue– the new, TSL Lounge in Wynwood. The Danish DJ will be supported by locals, Randall M, Chad Andrew, Freak The Disco, Jimmy Cortes and Alej Varez. And while the environment may be changing, in true Backyard Monster fashion the vibe will be preserved– party starts at 5pm and the crew will be cookin’ up that BBQ we’ve all come to love while we warm up for the night. Tickets are still available on Wantickets. However, before you do that, press play on Martinez’s Cadenza podcast from last year and read our interview.

1. You’ve released music on some pretty notable labels– Cocoon, Cadenza, Moon Harbour, Oslo, Re:connected. All of which offer various sounds. Is this a testament to your approach in the studio? How does the production process begin for you?

Martinez: Yeah I always experiment with different sounds and genres, I don’t like to put too much a label on things, even though my production style and personal sound shines thru most of the time. The production process varies for me, sometimes the idea comes from playing around with synth sound, a sample or a certain drum groove and I build everything else around that, usually trying keep that particular sound as the main focus in the track.

2. Your homeland, Sweden, is mostly know for, let’s say, a more commercial class of artists– however, we do know the underground thrives in all corners of the globe. How is the scene back home? How does it compare to some of the world’s more popular ones?

Martinez: I would say these days due to certain acts, that I don’t need to mention here, yeah Sweden might be known for a more commercial approach. But actually it has a much longer underground techno and house history thanks to artist like Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebusch, Joel Mull and labels such as SVEK, Drumcode and so on. I think these days the scene in Scandinavia is coming back more and more now. It used to be much bigger in the 90’s with crazy raves and stuff, but it went a bit more quite for many years but its raising more and more again. Still compared to London or Berlin its much smaller and not as developed. There is great talent when it comes to DJ’s and producers too, so it has lots of potential and will for sure grow.

3. The last time we spoke for mybeatfix, if I recall correctly, you were preparing to play in Miami late in 2011. How was 2012 for you? Any fond memories? Funny stories you’d like to share?

Martinez: 2012 was a good year, lots of changes and new things happening for me. I joined Cocoon Artist Booking in late 2012 which is an honour for me to be on a roster with all these great artists where I feel my sound fits much better. Production wise it was a slow year due to a lot of gigs and traveling. I am trying to be more active in the studio this year and hopefully I’ll finally finish my new album.

4. Have you made any plans for Conference next month? Anything we can share with our fans reading?

Martinez: Its all still being planned so have to hold my tongue on that for a little while more…

5. You’re preparing to play at a new party and venue here in Miami. One, that I must say, has developed a very intimate vibe. Does you preparation differ according to gigs? Or do you just show up and do your thing?

Martinez: Since a year now I have been playing vinyl records again and I really love it. Its great prepare for your gigs by packing a record bag the old fashion way. I feel also that the music is getting more focus this way rather than having like 1000’s of MP3’s to scroll thru and choose from for me personally. Honestly I don’t prepare much for gigs, I spend a good couple of hours preparing my record bag and selecting records for each weekend and there of course keeping in mind the type of venues/party’s I’ll be playing. Then its more about showing up, feeling the vibe and doing my thing from there.

6. You’ve already released an EP on Memoria Recordings this year. What else can we expect from Martinez in 2013?

Martinez: I have quite a lot of new things coming out this year. There was a new track called: “Elevate” that came out on the italian label Digital Traffik this month on a split EP with Nima Gorji, Alejandro Vivianco, Miguel Lobo & Larry Peters. I also released a track on Cocoon Recordings Dots & Pearls Compilation Vol. 2 called “Sequence of Moments”. Next up is a release on Jorge Savoretti’s label Savor Music called “Magnolia EP” with three original tracks on it. Then there is a bunch of remixes for Pier Bucci,Italoboyz & Alex Font on O’Black Label coming out. As well as working on a new album and lots of original material.!



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