Interview: Inxec talks Last Night on Earth, collabs with Droog and narwhal riding with Audrey Hepburn

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Consistency is a rare and valuable feat for a producer – one that Know Playing Casino weeds out the great from the greater. Since Inxec caught our attention some time ago, the quality and frequency of his releases keep him close under our radar.

Last Night on EarthChris Sylvester is an artist with tenacity, and we have nothing but respect for that. And we love a little sense of humor too. Having become a mybeatFix friend throughout his time in Miami, we’re glad to see so many present focal points in his career – an upcoming release on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth imprint, his return to the Munich-based Stock 5, and a tour of Australia and Asia beginning in April.

mybeatFix chatted with Chris about all his upcoming projects, plus, in true Valentine’s Day spirit, asked him to describe his ideal date – which happens to involve a large mammal and a dead woman.

UPDATE: Click here to buy the release on Last Night on Earth.

The EP came together pretty much as it always has for myself and Droog. I’m normally in LA for a gig and I’ll stick around to get in the studio with the boys to try hatch some sort of plan and make a couple of tracks. Ideas normally come via a cheeky vocal sample or a hook I have wandering around in my head. Ironically, these normally get shelved somewhere along the way. We managed a couple of belters and on the ‘last night’ (pardon the pun) in LA we discussed the best suited home for them, and Sasha’s imprint was top of the pile. Our euro agent Joe is close with that camp and, hey, presto.

I don’t think anyone, certainly not from my generation of producers or DJs, didn’t at some point find a moment of Sasha brilliance that didn’t touch them as a DJ or creatively as a producer. All DJs wanted to be him and producers wanted him to play their tracks. He is and has been an important part for me, and the carving of my trade.

I met the Droog boys back on my first tour of the US with Matt Tolfrey,who I had been buddies with for a couple of years. Those guys as a unit or separate individuals are absolutely everything right about this industry. We chatted and the following year I was invited to play with Matt at their now incredibly well known party on the rooftop of The Standard hotel in LA following our release earlier on Culprit. I think we just decided one day to try a crack in the bunker studio, and the first track we made was “Unhinged”. It’s really easy to work with the guys. Our ideas translate easy between us and the work flow is always there. Don’t get me wrong, we still have days when we bang our heads against the wall, but recently we see a positive in that something good will eventually come of that.

A soon-to-be-classic by Inxec and Droog, followed by a mybeatFix favorite.

This year things kick off with the Last night On Earth EP out at the end of this month, then I’ll follow that with a solo EP on Stock 5 records at the beginning of April. This will be my second full release for the Munich-based label. I have a EP scheduled for Telupa at some point in the spring, and an EP followed by a album later this year on Supernature!

Ufff. I just get on with it basically. My body clock is totally screwed, but it’s an awesome way of life so there’s no real time for complaint. I occasionally have my diva moments on the road — I think it’s just sheer exhaustion sometimes. I still believe I can party like I’m 21, and well, I’m not.

I may sit out WMC this year. It’s an expensive trip and with little reward for me personally — same 10 DJ’s at the same 10 parties. So I’ll be maybe doing one or two gigs and then heading back to Europe to capitalize on the slightly less congested scene here for a weekend or two, before heading to the oceanic regions.


A narwhal

Narwhal riding with Audrey Hepburn in Hawaii. Obviously there are a few logistics to be ironed out, such as narwhals are polar dwelling mammals. And Audrey to the best of my knowledge isn’t about anymore, and if she was, she’d be a tad old for my adventurous date.



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