Interview: DJ W!ld talks influences, style and the digital era

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In an exponentially expanding landscape of color-by-number DJs and producers, where fear of not following the trend has led to endless (as an avid MP3 shopper, let me emphasize, endless) identical releases, we still have a handful of, you might say old-school, artists that are still doing their things. Our Parisian guest in Miami tonight is one of the aforementioned do-their-thing-artists. From the most infamous after-hour party on the planet to September sunset-sessions in the Nevada desert, DJ W!ld is bringing his brand of hip-hop, funk and R&B infused, emotional house and techno to only the luckiest of ears around the globe.

64500_10200149834061333_1835064689_nI was (a now, very, very distant) 22 years old when– at some after party, probably sometime in the afternoon– someone drops W!ld’s, “Take A Trip” for the first time. Mind Blown. For months I had no idea who’s track it had been, but the groove, those vocals and the obnoxious, hypnotic hi-hats stuck in my head. Then, coincidentally, as I got my hands on the track (and the rest of his archive) W!ld attended Burning Man and played a special set for a special wedding during the festival. People came back ranting and raving about this DJ Wild (no exclamation point) as I ranted and raved about this producer, DJ W!ld.

Two years and some change later– with help from our good friends at LINK and The Miami Rebels (who will be hosting him tonight at Treehouse)– we’ve finally got in contact and stole him from his painfully busy touring schedule to sit down and chat with us for a second. And while he comes off as a man of few words, his few words speak loudly. Below you can read the exchange, as well as listen to the the first installment of his brand new podcast series, “W!LD @ HOME”.

1. Your sound, both in the booth and the studio, is one of the most distinguishable ones in our industry. Take A Trip was an anthem for us when it came out. When did you start producing music? And where does this sound of yours derive from?

W!ld: I started producing in early 1996 and my sound for sure derives from Chicago and Detroit house and techno, but also New York house. Hip hop, disco and funk as well, which are my roots.

2. What early artists or sounds would you say influenced and drove you towards house music?

W!ld: Well for house the list is long. I will say Larry Levan, Ron Hardy, Kerri Chandler, DJ Sneak, DJ Duke, Romanthony, KOT and DJ Q. The list is long.

3. If you had to describe this style of yours in three words, what would they be? 

W!ld: Sexy, hypnotic and powerful.

4. You have been at this for a lot longer than most people would expect. When did you start DJing and producing? 

W!ld: In 1995 I started playing, to produce around the same time

5. Since then a lot has happened. What changes in our industry have stood out the most to you since you started attending parties and playing music? 

W!ld: The start of digital-era was a big change. Everything is easy to get and listen to! Same at the end as you buy! So it’s more difficult to see the great stuff that is coming out between all this shitty one-day music.

6. Where are you off to after Treehouse, Miami? And will you be back for conference? Any WMC plans?

W!ld: I’m going to Puerto Rico, then Milano, then Newcastle and Naples for the week coming, and I’m planning at the moment to come for WMC, but not sure yet!

7. What does the rest of the year after that look like? 

W!ld: Really good,  lots of great gigs and festivals are planned, and releases, albums and new projects.


Tickets are still available for the show tonight on Resident Advisor.




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