Dada Life to release new album ‘The Rules of Dada’ on Oct. 15

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Dada Life is only a few days away from dropping their latest album. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, I’m sure the champagne and banana suits will — that’s right, banana suits. These guys have been known to sport wacky banana costumes during some of their performances, but it’s no doubt that during these performances they play big music. How big? Colossal.

Their sound is full off huge bass, which is created with the help of one of their signature plugins – “The Sausage Fattener.” This plugin helps amp the bass up to the point where it makes your bones quiver — literally. But enough with their bio, let’s talk about the album.

Dada Life the Rules of DadaThis duo definitely made sure they stood out from the other artists. Coining their own phrase “Do the Dada”, they have spun off with a number of hits relating to their image. Genius! The album The Rules of Dada starts off with a crowd favorite – “Kick Out The Epic Motherfucker.” This track has been played in every major festival ranging between Miami’s Ultra Music Festival to Belgium’s Tomorrowland. The track has minimal lyrics, but speaks with its crazy synthesizers. It reminds me of an electronic evolution of hard rock ‘n’ roll, which ties in nicely with the seventh track on the album, “Rolling Stones T-Shirt.

Paying homage to the Rolling Stones, Dada features a catchy chorus about a fellow who wants his shirt back from his festival sweetheart. This track is slightly softer than the one previously mentioned, but that’s just because of the melodic chorus. As the bridge builds, that familiar hard rock sound starts to filter its way until boom – the beat drops!

Of all the tracks on the new album, I’d have to say my favorite is “Feed The Dada.” With the ability to hammer a nail into a metal coffin with its sounds alone, this track is a sure way to get any crowd fist-pumping and head rocking!

Dada stays true to their style, as they pave their way into EDM history. If you’re into hard electronic music, but still love singing along to harmonious melodies, then this album will be waiting for you in stores or online on Oct. 15.
Do you feel the Dada? If you do, make sure to check them out on Nov. first at LIV Nightclub in Miami.



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