How to survive Ultra Music Festival: the dos and don’ts

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Being an Ultra Music Festival veteran, I’ve learned a lot about the right way to party at Ultra. I’ve experienced the festival as the one-day 12-hour event it once was, to the three-day raver extravaganza it is now. Over the years Ultra has managed to get attract more artists and festival-goers than was once imagined. Since you can say this isn’t my first rodeo, I have a lot of easy recommendations that will enhance your festival-going experience. Here is a list of UMF’s dos and don’ts:

Dress up at Ultra Music Festival- DO dress up! Ultra is about wearing crazy bright colors and fun outfits!  DON’T be the whale in a bikini or wear something you shouldn’t (leave the fishnets and crop tops to those who can rock them).
- DO arrive early. DON’T miss your favorite DJ because you were looking for parking for an hour.
- DO bring a camel pack. DON’T spend an arm and a leg on buying water.
- DO have a partner in crime. DON’T go 100 heads deep and spend the entire festival arguing over what performance to see or waiting for everyone to pee.
- DO bring your own candy. DON’T accept candy from a stranger.
- DO wear sneakers or boots. DON’T wear heels or open-toed shoes (unless you want your feet to get trampled and be labeled a pata-sucia).
- DO pace your alcohol consumption. DON’T be throwing up before the sun goes down.
- DO stash your cash. DON’T be flashy with money or careless with phones. You will get jacked.
- DO love thy neighbor! Make friends! There are so many interesting people from around the world come to this festival. DON’T be too friendly. Creepers are lurking around everywhere waiting for a drunk girl to slip up.
- DO plug in and tune out. Wear earplugs. DON’T be deaf for the next four days.
- DO expect to wait in lines. DON’T expect any mercy at the liquor tents. Survival of the thirstiest, baby!
- DO expect to get a little dirty. DON’T forget hand sanitizer.
- DO keep your friends close. DON’T trust any stranger (not even the really cute girl with the lollipop in her mouth asking if you know where Molly is).
- DO get to the front of the crowd for your favorite show. DON’T crowd surf if your over 150lbs.
- DO bring toilet paper. DON’T get stuck in a nasty porta-potty with no TP.
- DO pack light. DON’T leave anything you don’t want security finding in your pockets or book bag.
- DO establish a meeting spot. DON’T lose all your friends when your phone is dead.
- DO wild out but be aware of your surroundings. DON’T forget that what happens at festivals DOES NOT always stay at festivals.
- DO walk, take a cab or find a DD. DON’T drive drunk (The piggies will be out and waiting to bust people)

Photos by Kabir Khiatani



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