Daedalus – The God of the monome

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This victorian gentleman/ monome demigod has brought so much to electronic music, but Daedelus hasn’t always been cranking up his own obscure interpretation of expressionism, and stabbing his monome until his fingertips bleed. Every great artists sprouts from humble beginnings. Starting with the bass clarinet and the double bass, Daedelous found himself disillusioned by the world of free-form jazz, but his frustration was the catalyst to his electronic music career. Now equipped with a bit box, max/msp for live performances, and a plethora of downright soulful samples, he has become a  unique voice in the EDM world.

Basing all his music off of the four crucial elements of any live band – drums, bass, vocals, and lead – Daedelus is a true musician at heart. Flourishing into a true showman at his live performances by cultivating the improvisational aspects of jazz, and feeding off the raw energy of his crowds,  there’s a sense of compassion behind his music, he literally gives the audience what they want and engages them into his spiritual voyage. The range  of his musical selection is so vast there’s no way to cover it all in this profile, from soulful ’60s pop vocals to basslines reminiscent of the p-funk era, it’s nearly impossible to imagine what Daedelous has up his sleeve this time around.

So were in luck my follow Miamians because The Magical Properties Tour is hitting up The Vagabond and invading the GET LOW party on Nov. 11, and also Gaslamp Killer will also be joining the festivites. So if you want to join me on my journey to the top of Mt. Olympus, strap on your talaria winged sandals and follow the rhythms of the god Daedelus, because there’s no turning back once you’re at the tippy top. It’s been a pleasure my kiddos. Be safe out there and stay hydrated.

By Jose Garza
Daedelus – Sundown by MushRecords
Daedelus – ‘LA Nocturne’ (PREVIEW EDIT) by Ninja Tune XX



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